Mgr. Jan Toman

In my PhD study, I deal with macroevolutionary and theoretical-biological topics. I focus especially on the theory of frozen evolution, which was postulated in our lab. Concerning particular problems, I study ecological correlates of sexual reproduction, stability-based sorting and its role in evolution, and macroevolutionary trends in the evolution of evolvability. However, I do also some work on the maintaining of (RhD) polymorphism, astrobiology and several other topics to a lesser degree. I am part of the editorial board of the traditional Czech popularizing journal Vesmír since 2016. Besides of that, I record and manage recordings of the renowned course Biological Thursdays in Viničná 7, and administer facebook pages Biologické čtvrtky ve Viničné 7 and Frozen Evolution. Last but not least, I popularize evolutionary-biological topics for both professional and general public. I give lectures and write articles, especially for journals Vesmír, Živa, XB-1, and Nový deník, or online pages Bí and

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CV: Curriculum vitae Jan Toman 2017-5

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