Evolutionary and Ecological Parasitology

Evoluční a ekologická parazitologie – Evolutionary and Ecological Parasitology (MB160P49)

J. FLEGR (guarantee and teacher), 3/0, 4 E-Credits, Ex, winter semester


This subject is lectured only once in two years and it is taught in Czech. However, it is possible to enroll on it and get examination every year. Teaching materials icluding videorecordings of all lectures, presentations and literature are to be found on the web. Some are in Czech, some in English.

Role of symbiosis and parasitism in evolution. Coevolution, symbiosis, parasitism. Parasitism and regulation of populations. Role of parasites in speciation of host. Host-parasite arm race. Parasite transmission. Evolution of virulence. Anagenesis an cladogensis of parasitic species. Parasites and sexual selection, Handicap hypothesis. Theory of Extended phenotype. Manipulation hypothesis. Basic techniques of data analysis and modeling. See also http://www.natur.cuni.cz/~flegr/.


Requirements to the exam

Exam will be specified.



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