Excercise in Practical Methodology of Science

Cvičení z praktické metodologie vědy – Excercise in Practical Methodology of Science (MS107007)

Š. Kaňková (guarantee and teacher), 0/3, 3 E-Credits, C, winter semester

This course is usually taught in Czech. Contact Š. Kaňková for details.


During this excercise, students will train the skills acquired during the course Practical Methodology of Science.


Analyzing real data that will be provided to students, controlling their integrity and using exploratory and confirmatory statistic techniques. Each student will choose some interesting regularity from the analyzed data and prepare a short review about the phenomenon. Later, both home and with the help of the teacher, students will prepare a poster presentation, oral presentation, or a paper that consider their findings. Posters and oral presentations will then be presented to other participants of the course. The “miniconference” is not mandatory for those who choose to write a paper.

Students will use their own computers and finish their project at home. Digital data will be granted to them. We will use R software to statistically analyze the data.


Students will need their own computer with a connection to Internet. It is also necessary to successfully absolve the course Practical Methodology of Science before enrolling on this excercise.



The excercise will be hold in a turnus way on 24. and 25. 11. 2018 (9:00 – 17:00)

+ 1 day, after the consulatation with students, to present their results and acquire their credit (usually 1-3 weeks after the excercise)


Room B2P, Viničná 7

Requirements to the exam

Poster presentation, oral presentation (in both options, students will need to present their projet on the “miniconference”), or scientific paper (in this option, attending the “miniconference” is not mandatory and the project can be send by e-mail).


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