Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

Úvod do evoluční biologie –  Introduction to Evolutionary Biology (MB170P55)

J. FLEGR (guarantee and teacher), D. FRYNTA (teacher), 2/0, 3 E-Credits, Ex, winter semester


Basic, introductory, course in evolutionary biology. It is followed by more in-depth courses of Microevolution and Macroevolution or Evolutionary and ecological parasitology.

The lectures are given in Czech. English version of the course can be requested in advance if there are at least 3 students. Audio and video recordings, presentations and syllabus are also in Czech. English translation of the Flegr’s textbook is available here.

Please note that this course is extremely poppular among students of our faculty and other universities. We cannot guarantee that everyone would fit in the auditorium due to its insufficient capacity. Becouse of this, there are plethora of matherials you can use in your study. Video and audio recordings, presentations and syllabus are, however, mainly in Czech. English translation of the Flegr’s textbook is available here and other suggestions for study literature will be granted on request.


Requirements to the exam

The examination will consist of written test and oral exam.




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