Základy astrobiologie – Astrobiology (S107023) T. PETRÁSEK (guarantee and teacher), J. NOVÁKOVÁ, J. TOMAN (teachers), 2/1, 3 E-Credits, Ex+C, winter semester We are able to run this course in English. However, it depends on the number of enrolled english speakers, the level and number of enroleld Czech students etc. In case you are interested, please, do Read More …

Excercise in Evolutionary Biology

Cvičení z evoluční biologie – Excercise in Evolutionary Biology (MS107006) K. KLEISNER (guarantee and teacher), J. BREJCHA, T. KOČNAR, P. PECHÁČEK, D. STELLA, J. TOMAN (teachers), 0/3, 2 E-Credits, C, winter semester This course is taught in Czech. Annotation Syllabus Requirements to the exam Literature Grinstead, CM; Snell, JL. Introduction to probability. Dartmouth College.